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Finance Rates       60mo/63mo/66mo/72mo/75mo/84mo  
Zone 1+ Fico 720+    2.9/2.9/3.3/3.45/3.95/4.95 APR  
Zone 1 Fico 719-690      3.0/3.0/3.35/3.5/4.0/5.0 APR  
Zone 2 Fico 689-670       4.85/4.85/5.3/5.7/6.2/NA  APR  
Zone 3 Fico 669-650       6.35/6.35/6.9/7.3/7.8/NA APR  
Zone 4 Fico 649 -630       12.0/12.25/12.35/13.9/14.4/NA APR  
Zone 5 Fico 629 -610       16.85/17.1/17.5/18.3/18.8/NA APR
Zone 6 Fico 609 -580       19.75/20.0/20.25/20.65/21.15/NA APR
Zone 7 Fico 579 -520       21.5/21.75/22.0/22.4/22.9/NA APR
Available with approved credit    
Protection Plans (All Scion Models)    
Length/Miles       Price  
60/60k      $1,009  
60/75k      $1,065  
60/100k      $1,295  
60/125k      $1,775  
60/150k      $2,824
72/60k      $1,036
72/75k      $1,091
72/100k      $1,283
72/125k      $1,841
72/150k      $2,956
84/75k      $1,281
84/100k      $1,544
84/120k      $1,805
96/100k      $1,805
96/120k      $2,006
Lease Factors    
Zone 1+ Fico 720+             .00160 up to 60 months  
Zone 1 Fico 719-   690    .00170 up to 60 months  
Zone 2 Fico 689-670     .00215 up to 60 months  
Zone 3 Fico 669-650     .00305 up to 60 months  
Zone 4 Fico 649 -630    .00370 up to 60 months  
Zone 5 Fico 629 -610    .00450 up to 60 months
Zone 6 Fico 609 -580    .00510 up to 60 months
Zone 7 Fico 579 -520    .00630 up to 60 months
Available with approved credit    
Other Products    

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)



*Program not available in Alabama, Florida, Hawaii, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. In all of those states other than Hawaii, similar programs may be available through participating Scion dealers and World Omni Financial Corp. Program is available on approved credit to qualified customers through Toyota Financial Services and participating Scion dealers. When financing through your Scion dealer and Toyota Financial Services, lower Annual Percentage Rates may be available on approved credit to qualified buyers.

APR may vary if the Amount Financed exceeds TFS's Maximum Advance for the contract, your FICO score is below 520 and/or you apply for 72-84 month financing. Ask your dealer to explain how APRs vary for FICO scores below 520 and 72-84 month financing.

Maximum Advance means the total amount financed less cancelable optional products financed with the vehicle, expressed as a percent of dealer invoice (new). Finance contracts with Maximum Advances of over 120% for applicants with FICO Scores of more than or equal to 650 or over 100% for FICO scores of less than 650 will result in an increase of the APR by .25 or .50 respectively.

The APR on a finance contract with a Loan to Value of between 80.01% to 90% will be decreased by .25. The APR on a finance contract with a Loan to Value of less than or equal to 80% will be decreased by .50. Loan to value ratio means the total amount financed under your vehicle installment sale contract, expressed as a percent of dealer invoice (new). Please ask your dealer for details.

Program and Annual Percentage Rates are subject to change or termination at any time. Please see your participating Scion dealer for details


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